free things to do in zagreb

free things to do in zagreb

Would add the Stone Gate to your list, their story is mentioned even in historic novels of August Senoa, whose statue is in Draskoviceva street. The gates which kind of connect Radiceva street the one next to Tkalciceva or the lower city with the upper city, they look as a mini shrine.

The story behind it is amazing, you will find it on the internet. Virgin Mary is the patron saint or protector of the city. The locals and many visiting have come there to pray, cry, hope to get help from the patron. It is often overlooked, yet best to enjoy the atmosphere in silence. The energy there is amazing.

There is a story behind literally each and every corner of both the upper and the lower city. One thing to note, all the parts of the center have hidden streets and passages there, which are amazing to walk through and you can find a peacefull oase of nature in the middle of it all.

Near the St. Marcs church is the Croatian house of parliament and many similar, so you are most likely to see a politician or an official while there unless visiting in Summer.

Jelacic statue used to be pointed to Hungary, but the direction was changed when the 2 countries made peace ater the fall of Austro-Hungary. Festivals of all kinds and stands of all kinds are a normal occurance on Jelacic square and the center part, many performances held there. The legendary trams are a symbol of Zagreb, always blue and have a long history behind them.

Upper town has the fort of Gric with an old cannon situated inside, the cannon goes off each day at noon precisely. While Dolac market is the most famous, Jarun, Tresnjevka, Kvatric and Britanac square offer the same with much more reasonable prices.

Britanac is also an interesting part of the city. Hrelic is considered to be one of the most interesting flea markets around. Cibona tower is considered to be a symbolic building, situated next to the hall of Drazen Petrovic and there is a statue of him there. There is Ribnjak park near the cathedral, famous for the rock club often visited. There is a special park for kids in Prisavlje where many of todays young adult Zagrebians have spent their childhoods and take their children to play there.

You will also find many art instalations there. Lake Jarun has an outdoor sporting facility of a kind. In spring, Botanicki vrt is where you can enjoy nature and just relax. Zrinjevac is a popular spot for romantic walks, walks with kids, picnics or reading in peace, dancing as live bands have concerts there often..

Sljeme the peak of mountain Medvednica is amazing for a walk around the woods, hiking experience or sporting events which are regularely held there. You can also get there by bus. The view is amazing, and you have to try the beans in one of the restaurants.

While hiking, you will see the stream creek? While at Medvednica you can visit the queens well, Veternica cave, old silver mines and many other historic locations which have stories behind them carried through generations, but unfortunately rarely given as tourist information. The star Gupceva zvijezda also has an interesting story. Mlinovi and Sestine amazing church and parks , Mirogoj cemetary beautiful and calm … Would also advise to visit Tresnjevka and Knezija, the unknown neighbourhoods in the lower city with lovely and quiet parks ideal for a walk or if you want your kids to play in a calmer atmosphere many parks.

Park hrvatskog proljeca the park of Croatian spring, I guess is beautiful in spring time, blossoming cherry trees everywhere, there is literaly a house in the middle of the park and is usualy tourist free calm paradise. Suggesting you to see the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and to go to a ballet or opera show there, it is quality.

The interior is also a must see, as well as the architecture. And there is the famous Mestrovic piece called the Well of life near the entrance. You can go for a kind of a scavenger hunt for the planets, an art instalation replicating the solar system. The Sun is in Bogoviceva, near Cvjetni trg and you can find instructions on how to find the rest.

It is also a home to street performers, and it is not unusal to see people dancing to the music or singing along. Kino Europa cinema Europa has a great and up to date offer of non-commercial, art movies, Cannes and Sarajevo film festival winners, etc. Museums, art galleries and theaters are everywhere. One thing to remember, in the majority of the cases those are real pieces of art there, not just symbolic pieces. Most of historic sites are still in function and the buildings are used, lived in.

The unique souvenir are the hearts. The main city infrastructure which was renovated after the big quake in the 19th century was built resembling a constellation…The best places to visit depend on what your interests are, it is a city which is never fully discovered by the locals either and has much much more to offer than just the center. It has a certain feel to it, intuitive, more a way of life than just a location, a mix of many cultures with a twist.

Be sure to try strukli sa sirom, Zagrebian steak, visit Vincek, the traditional pastry shop. I could really write an essay on Zagreb, I love it so much. Really wonderful post as usual SJ, and I particularly love this comment indeed, a mini essay! I have just found your wonderful blog of Zagreb. I am going to be there in June and would love to do all the markets that you mentioned!

I was wondering if you could recommend a decent hostel? One that would put me close to all the sights in your post, March I will have about four days, and was planning to go directly to Geneva and stay there for those days, but after further research Geneva is not that interesting and VERY expensive.

You have made a believer of me that I should stay in Zagreb and get to know the town. Are your Markets and other suggestions in your old post still relevant? Find the beautiful St. This is Gradec Plateau. It gives you the best view of the Zagreb Cathedral and is home of two famous murals — the Whale and the Turtle by Etien.

This Neo-gothic beauty was first built in the 13th century. It has since reinvented itself as a true chameleon. It got rampaged by the Mongols, then destroyed by the earthquake. Ramble around and look out for stunning landmarks of the Zagreb architecture. If you only have one day in Zagreb, do chapters for top Zagreb attractions. Hit the Green or Lenuci's Horseshoe — a U-shaped trail which connects 7 squares into a leafy promenade. Start at the romantic Zrinjevac park. Then snake along until your reach the Croatian National Theatre.

Half way along the Green Horseshoe, relish a peaceful moment in the Botanical Garden. This serene oasis boasts a large English-style arboretum and 2 lakes. Enjoy the company of more than 10, plant species. Look for a few decades older but just as stunning Art Nouveau houses. Best example is the Kalina house in Masarykova street. This visionary architect flirted both with Art Deco and classicism. Look for his signature buildings: the Croatian National Bank and St. Check out industrial architecture of the west-central Zagreb.

Head to Lauba to see one such beauty turned into a modern museum. Or visit Gliptoteka, a former leather factory restored into a gallery. Catch the glimpse of the famous Rakete [rockets] high-rises. Or walk along the north Sava quay and find the Kockica building [little cube].

Both are unique examples of the socialist architecture. See this particular style from the s in the east-central Zagreb. One is the so called wooden skyscraper. Museums is something Zagreb abounds with.

Because each has something unique to offer. Rosie is a 2. The linen she came in contains the Etruscan scripture known as the Linen Book of Zagreb. This 11th century stone slab features the old Glagolitic alphabet. Head to the Zagreb City Museum and discover what Zagreb was like in different time periods. The most curious history is the one of Zagreb witches. Look for the list of those poor women who got burnt at the stake.

The Museum of Arts and Crafts showcases a great collection of period furniture. Epochs change as you move up the floors and the most gorgeous is the Art Deco showroom. The work of self-taught peasant painters is full of dazzling colours and shapes. The gallery features more than sculptures in marble, stone and wood. Ask the curators about his public art and track it down around the city. Step inside the old Chemical Laboratory on Strossmayer Square.

Ask to see their office with many personal details. Even a chance to take part in the show. The Museum of Broken Relationships runs on the most unique concept. You come with a broken heart, and you leave feeling revived. Take a trip to the Museum of Illusions and use your eyes to play all kinds of tricks on your mind.

You can grow bigger or smaller like Alice in Wonderland. Zagreb is one of those European cities whose atmosphere is not ruined by the flood of tourists. Zagreb is like that cool lady that you want to be, or want to be with, beautiful and put together, but also always ready to surprise you. Maybe you still have the opportunity to be with her. But not for that long. Yes, you do want to come to Zagreb. And we will offer you 15 cool and cheap reasons why. We found some local secrets, events and places so you can start exploring this beautiful city.

The entrance ticket is about kunas. Zagreb Marathon October. Besides the art program, there is also a program for kids and a sports program. Museum of Illusions Ilica 72 Open during the whole year. Zagreb red roofs and Medvednica mountain in the back. We also enjoyed having a coffee downtown, picnic in the Maksimir Park, going for a day to Samobor, or for a lunch to the villages dotting the hills of Zagorje.

Zagreb is vibrant. It is flat and thus a perfect place for long strolls or for cycling. Zagreb is relatively small compared to other European capitals.

And, it has lots of parks and even forests within the city limits. If you have no time to read the entire blog, or if you are in Zagreb just for a day, put on your list these 5 things to do. Zagreb is a lovely city, with laid back atmosphere, strong coffee culture, pedestrian-only town's center, great bistro-style restaurants, green markets, the interesting craft beer scene, good downtown shopping, and stripes of bars and cafes at every corner.

The upper town is my favorite part of Zagreb. Here you will find some of Zagreb top sights. Along with Kaptol, this is the oldest part of the town.

Remains of town walls and towers that surrounded the Upper Town in the medieval times are still preserved. Vranyczanyeva poljana in Zagreb's Upper Town. This tour takes place from mid-June through September, in English, every Saturday, at 9. The ticket costs Kn, and the tour lasts for one hour. This is a great opportunity to experience different Zagreb, a history of the town as told by great Croatian novelist. Participating courtyards are properly decorated and lighted, and each one features live music, drinks, and snacks.

Iva Silla of Secret Zagreb Walks offers also interesting tours of the upper town that reveal another side of Zagreb. Downtown Zagreb is perhaps the town's area where you will spend most of your time in Zagreb.

However, don't limit your visit to the main square and a few streets around it. While a visit to those Zagreb Croatia points of interest is a must-do, we recommend that you seek out Zagreb tourist attractions beyond the few obvious ones.

Jelacic Square, Zagreb's main square, is the starting point for exploring the downtown. The square is huge, with lovely buildings surrounding it on all four sides. The majority of buildings date back to the 19 th century and feature different architectural styles: from post-modernism, Art Nouveau, and Biedermeier. Many trams pass through the main square, connecting different Zagreb neighborhoods.

Once a creek that separated two towns: Kaptol, and Gradec, Tkalciceva Street , or Tkalca as locals call it, is a lovely pedestrian street lined with cafes, restaurants, and small shops on both sides of the street. Many of these businesses are housed in small historical houses of different colors. And it just adds to the charm of Tklaciceva Street. The street starts just behind the main Jelacic Square and goes all the way to Kaptol Center.

Bogoviceva Street is another downtown street full of cafes. It's ultimate see and be-seen Zagreb spot, particularly so on Saturday between 10 am and 1 pm. The square is also filled with cafes, bars, casual eateries, and a shopping mall. East downtown consists of a few interesting streets and neighborhoods, particularly Mestrovic Pavillon Dzamija , Vlaska Street, and Marticeva Street.

A long street starting right behind the main square, and going east all the way to Kvaternik Square, Vlaska Street consists of two parts: Old Vlaska the part from the main square to Draskoviceva Street , and new Vlaska further east from Draskoviceva. Not so long ago, Marticeva was nothing but a somber street full of car dealerships, and car parts shops, but today the street is very popular among designers, hipsters, artists, and writers.

Hang out at Booksa , a cool bar for books aficionados, check Zagreb awesome modernist buildings — Wooden Skyscraper in Marticeva , and colorful Vitic skyscraper in nearby Laginjina Street, have a coffee at trendy Program Bar, or in a creative Mr. The festival celebrates local creative communities and businesses from the neighborhood. The program includes jazz, yoga, and meditation at the roof-top, furniture exhibition, various workshops, architecture-focused guided tours, etc..

Ilica is one of the oldest and longest Zagreb streets. It's almost 6 km long, and it stretches from the main square all the way to Crnomerec to the northwest. This busy street is full of shops; many high street fashion stores, like Zara, Mango, and many shoe stores like Echo, or Geox are located closer to the main square, but as you continue along Ilica further from the downtown, all kinds of shops emerge. Also, don't forget to visit Nama, the only department store In Zagreb you have to visit even if you don't plan to buy anything.

The store is a bit old fashioned but it still features many Art Nouveau details like stained glass, and wrought-iron railings, dating back to the times when it was built, in the early 20th century.

A Museum of Broken Relationships has gained lots of attention ever since it was created, first as a traveling exhibition back in , and since as a museum with a permanent location in Zagreb's Upper Town. This museum is exactly what it names suggests; all items featured here are relics of broken relationships. Each item is accompanied by a story: some funny, others sad.

It is quirky, fun, and it takes less than an hour to wander through everything. They even have a little bar to have a drink, charge your phone or check your mail yes, they've got a complimentary WiFi internet. Working hours: Jun-Sept: 9 am I've read somewhere that there are 28 green markets in Zagreb.

They are an integral part of the Zagreb lifestyle. Vibrant, noisy, and lively, they are the best places to feel a local vibe. Centrally located, just behind the main square, Dolac spreads on two floors. The upper level features an open-air green market, souvenir, and clothes stands, enclosed fish market, bars, and restaurants mostly serving fast food or marenda.

The ground level is enclosed and it features butcheries, bakeries, specialty food stores, and my favorite part — a dairy section. Here old women sell their homemade cheese, cream, and awesome cornbread. It's only two tram stations from the main square direction East tram no. Britanac feels much more intimate than Dolac. Maybe it's due to the fact that the market is actually in the middle of a town's square Britanski Trg , or a wear-and-tear look of the buildings surrounding it, but Britanac is kind of place where people feel good.

Every Sunday the antique market takes place on Britanac. Zagreb has lots of green areas, parks, and forests within the city limits. And walking in the park is always a good idea when thinking of what to do in Zagreb. In downtown, make sure to follow the Lenuci's horseshoe. This unique urban complex consists of seven landscaped town's squares and a botanical garden. Lenuci was a lead architect on the project, while the shape of this urban complex reminds of a horseshoe.

Thus, the name — Lenuci's Horseshoe. Below is the map with all the details. Day Trips. Outdoor Activities. Traveler Resources. View map. Types of Attractions. Museums 2. This museum is devoted to break-ups. Between Zagreb and the Slovenian border is a delightful medieval town that has been a tourist destination for almost years.

Samobor is ringed by wooded hills and in no more than ten minutes you can make your way up Tepec Hill to see the ruins of Samobor Castle. Photo credit: Iva Silla. Zagreb is known as a laid-back destination; a perfect alternative to the touristy capitals that stress visitors out with their crowds and long queues in front of each attraction.

But Zagreb can get even more relaxed — take the Botanical Garden for example. Park Maksimir is just several tram stops away from the main square. Most of the lovely buildings, gazebos and other structures are located fairly close to the entrance, but the park is so huge that most locals have never covered all of it.

You can reach its base by tram and then start hiking. The forest trails are in great shape and are properly marked. The mountain is full of historical and natural wonders. Photo credit: 2nd star on the right.

You are planning on coming to Zagreb, but you are still not sure what exactly to do there? Or how much money do you need? Or is it actually even sagreb it coming to the zagren of Croatia when you just want to party on the coast? With its rich culture and history, the city is a must-see when visiting Croatia. There are many reasons for you to visit, from affordable prices and fantastic cafes, to the best European Christmas market, as votes by tourists. Zagreb is often being compared to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, like Budapest and Vienna, because a huge Austro-Hungarian influence can free things to do in zagreb seen free things to do in zagreb its architecture. So free things to do in zagreb one day you can actually swim in the lakes or the sea, and go hiking. Probably the most unique museum in Croatia — exibits are actually things left from previous relationships of many Croatians. Some of the free things to do in zagreb are funny, some make you wanna cry, some are really short. The museum is located in the Upper Town, in the baroque Kulmer palace, and there are plenty of tourist attractions around it. Every yard has a theme, free things to do in zagreb even host smaller events like book readings, concerts or workshops, but you can go there fee for a drink and a local feeling. Make sure you are free things to do in zagreb Zagreb during those 10 days in July when this event takes place in different courtyards in the Upper Town. This event has won few awards for the most innovative and creative project in Croatian tourism, so you should give it a chance, and we promise those antique football games for pc free download will win you over as well. You can choose between the half-marathon, the marathon and comment appeler en masqu? avec un fixe free race, just make sure you know your limits. Last year more than free things to do in zagreb, participants from over 40 countries of the world are expected in the marathon and more in the half marathon race. It is located just above tgings main square. There is a big choice of restaurants, from Sri Lankan, Greek and Italian to traditional Croatian restaurants. Go here for a coffee during the day and in the evening grab a local rakija or a craft beer. free things to do in zagreb The Courtyards. Event takes place in several courtyards in the Upper Town. Marathon. October. Scrolling down the Tkalčićeva Street. Street festival C'est is the Best. INmusic Festival. › blog › free-or-cheap-things-to-do-in-zagreb. Highly rated activities with free entry in Zagreb: The top things to do for free. See Tripadvisor's traveler reviews and photos of Zagreb free. Top Best Free Things to Do in Zagreb While the prices are still very reasonable, there's a decent range of fun things to do and see for free. and by night you can paint the town red and see why those in the know make such a fuss of Zagreb's nightlife. Let's explore the best things to do in in Zagreb. The most complete guide on things to do in Zagreb ever. Pick and Sign up for my exclusive updates & get your hands on the FREE guide. Much of this fortress remains in place and you can easily trace its moat, outer walls and gatehouse. See 8 Experiences. See 7 Experiences. Croatian cuisine is some of our favorite and least healthy! Search for the lowest airfares , the best accommodations and fun things to do …then start packing! Zagreb crazy things to do. We often rave about Croatia; if asked about the country, we are likely to go on and on about the translucent sea, splendid nature, historic towns and buzzing cities. Even a chance to take part in the show. Start by joining my super engaged Facebook group Croatia Insider. Get to the heart of Zagreb by exploring its oldest quarters — The Upper Town. Indulge your curiosity and peep into inner courtyards. Opened in , Maksimir is the oldest landscaped park in this part of Europe. Local artisans are restoring family businesses and rejuvenating empty spaces. free things to do in zagreb