free to play open world games

free to play open world games

From fantasy realms to simulated galaxies, from modern cities to post-apocalyptic wastelands, the best open world games give players the freedom to choose their own path—to do what they want, when they want—and provide an interesting and rewarding setting for their self-guided adventures.

Rockstar's historical open world series finally hit the PC with Red Dead Redemption 2 , a monumental ode to the fading American frontier.

RDR2 is rife with detail, overstuffed with little touches: animal corpses persist and decay, the protagonist Arthur has commentary for nearly every location and character, and random world events make the world feel lived in, be it sucking on a man's snakebite wound or getting ambushed by hillbillies.

It's all layered into an excellent story that'll take you as long as the complete Deadwood series to get through, and that's if you're rushing. And on top of it all, Red Dead Online brings a DayZ adjacent quality to the open world, invoking everything from serious roleplay to ridiculous, surreal shenanigans.

It's also one of the prettiest games you can play on the PC today. With the mods rolling in quickly, RDR2 is bound to be a PC game we talk about for years and years to come. At the same time, it carried on the tradition of providing a massive, intricately detailed open world full of beautiful scenery and colorful quests.

This isn't just Ubisoft's biggest game ever, it's also it's most beautiful. Subnautica's vast ocean environment and the diverse underwater biomes provide one of the most striking, gorgeous, and terrifying open worlds in PC gaming.

Games are rarely—and literally—so sublime. Reviewer Phillipa explains her fascination so : "I adore the way the lighting and the art create the sense of each biome as being a distinct underwater creation, both alien and familiar. I love following the creatures around—even the more aggressive ones—and will happily front crawl my way into a curious labyrinthine cave system without remembering to lay a path of glowing markers so I can get back out. The simulation is fairly surface level, but Subnautica's accolades are best reserved for how it creates the illusion of ecosystem.

Big fish eat the little ones, and their respective physical and behavioral attributes make sense for where you find them. It doesn't hurt that most of them look quite nice against the darkness of the deep ocean blue. And between all the exploration at the behest of natural curiosity, a story sort of just happens to you. To say anything more would spoil an excellent sci-fi mystery. GTA 5 is also highly moddable. Here's our list of the best mods for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Assassin's Creed Origins' world is one of the best in the entire series and one of the most beautiful locales of any open world game ever. Our reviewer Chris loved how lively Ubisoft's take on Ancient Egypt felt despite its sheer size.

There's plenty of dangerous and eventually tamable wildlife from vicious crocs and hippos lurking in the Nile to lions and hyenas prowling the sand dunes and rocky hills to flamingos and egrets that take flight when you thunder past on horseback.

There's gold in them thar hills too. After nearly 35 hours of play to complete the main quest, Chris still hadn't even visited entire sections of the map, meaning there were entire quests and characters and communities he'd yet to even catch a glimpse of. Assassin's Creed: Origins proves that Ubisoft is capable of reviving interest in a tired series through sheer artistry, and not necessarily by adding more bullet point back-of-the-box features. Ancient Egypt is just a great place to be, and now you can explore it without murdering people thanks to the free addition of an educational tourism mode.

Buggy as it may be, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world RPG slash immersive sim whose ambition outpaces its problems—most of the time. Singleplayer 1, Indie 1, RPG Multiplayer Simulation Atmospheric Sandbox Survival Exploration First-Person Recommended Specials. See All Specials. View all. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Support Forums Stats. Nimso Ny. A turn-based exploration RPG where you lead a party of travellers as they go beyond the horizon.

Eigen Lenk. A stylized first person shooter offering gameplay only found in Amplify. Pixelbyte Studios. Virtual Underground.

A new generation of indie train simulation is here! A technology based open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment. Birthplace of Ossian. Connor Sherlock. Donensbourgh - Medieval RPG. Realistic medieval RPG game simulator. You are a newly captured warrior who is bound by fate and debt bondage , to fight monsters for all eternity. Untamia's Fantasy.

An open-world adventure game that fits right in your browser! The Endless Forest donationware edition. Destroy your enemies in this action open world with anything from a rocket launcher or exploit the element of surprise with your parachute and grappling hook. Because horizontal traversal is for chumps. Noire quite evidently prioritises its noir detective cases over anything else. The fact that Saints Row 4 has a sex appeal slider that alters the size of your junk or rack - depending on which gender you choose - really sets the scene for its ridiculous tone.

Dear lord, Saints Row 4 is open world madness, but boy does it pull it off.

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