free walking tours how much to tip

free walking tours how much to tip

David G. Bring an umbrella, a backpack difficult to be opened by a pickpocket, water and some food. Also they will recommend some local and cheap food during the tour. Many of the credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.

This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. I would really appreciate some advice on how much to tip our guides on a Free Walking Tour. That's correct, there are no tipping guidelines as far as I know. I know that it starts from the Apple Do they wear I've reserved a free tour but am unable to make it anymore such a pity.

Where can I Thanks over a year ago. See all questions Browse nearby Hotels 1, Restaurants 23, Things to Do 8, I've taken Free walking tours in many cities; and have never felt ripped off or that I was given wrong information. I tip about E10; and in Amsterdam last year, tipped E20 as I thought the guide was really knowledgeable. If you don't plan to tip at all afterward, then don't take a free tour, pay up front instead.

I fully support country neighbor Morten's view on free tours from a German perspective. Therefore I like to vote for giving a little more than average tip in Copenhagen - of course only if you feel happy with the service you received.

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I left the tour halfway in Prague and Bratislava because I didn't like the guide. I left a free tour near the end in Lisbon because it started raining and I was starting to catch a cold, but I tipped the guide before I left. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Are They Even Ethical? How do free walking tours work? Our free walking tour guide in Cartagena, Edgar. Cordoba, Spain.

I'm hoping to take a couple of free walking tours in Copenhagen and Stockholm. First time doing this. Any guidance on how much to tip? I'm clueless. That's certainly up to you. I have taken a 'free' tour that did not take us to all the places on it's stated itinerary, with a guide that was abysmally uninformed about free walking tours how much to tip area we were touring I knew more from my advance research than he didand did not care at all that some of those on the tour were having trouble free walking tours how much to tip him or keeping up with his fast pace. In that case I would and did walk away without tipping him anything. If a 'free' tour expects free walking tours how much to tip make their money with tips they had better put out some effort to earn that tip. They are just a way to gain unfair competitive advantages over legitimate Tour free ad blocker for google chrome. The guides themselvees are usually just foreign Exchange students and the like, who dont have any knowledge of the local dynojet power commander v maps free download or society other than what they have read in the script they are provided. Just pay for a legitimate tour with a guides who actually knows their stuff and are paid a wage. It has been reported I think by Rick himself that the guides on the "free" tours pay the organization about 3 euros or was it 3. My minimum is about 10 euros, and I'm not talking about high-cost cities like free walking tours how much to tip capitals of western Europe. I prefer tours with standard fees, as are often run by local tourist information offices, but I have used "free" tours when they offered specialized topics not otherwise available. I find the "free" tours to be a free walking tours how much to tip more about entertainment than the T. One of the best things I did in Scandinavia. Free walking tours how much to tip took a "free" walking tour in Copenhagen that was sponsored by the tourist office I don't think they are trying to undercut the tour agencies. Look at the company's website to see how much a similar regular paid tour would cost. That's how much you should pay the free walking tour guide IF he meets your approval. We love these tours, because the guide has to work hard to please and inform you. Otherwise he doesn't get paid! free walking tours how much to tip As for tipping, for a two or three hour "Free" tour, I usually give around $ pp. Posted by Jean. Hayden, Idaho, USA. 04/25/19 › solotravel › comments › how_much_do_you_tip. 34 votes, 45 comments. I took a free walking tour recently in Porto. I usually don't do Free Walking tours because I prefer to get lost on my own or . If this is like the Washington DC free walking tours, your guide will mention how much people usually tip. You can give him or her that amount. Per Rick Steves (from several years back), tip 5 euros for a bad guide, As I've said, I've taken a lot of these "free" walking tours and have. Here are my thoughts on the ethics of free walking tours. Indonesia, where you can buy a full meal for less than $2 USD, you'd tip much less. Real City Tours The Walking Tours, Medellin: "what is a reasonable tip on these free tours" | Check out 7 answers, plus see reviews, articles, and Simply tip depending on how much you enjoyed the tour, and whatever amount you In all the cities we've done a Free Tour (London, Paris, Edinburgh, Madrid, 2 Answers Hi, may I know where does the free walking tour of London end? Depends entirely on you. If you like it, you can give like 5 Euro. But if you don't like it, you can leave whenever you want and you don't have to tip (as the tip is. I would really appreciate some advice on how much to tip our guides on a Free Walking Tour. I know that tipping is discretionary based on how. Thoughts on how to tip for each? I'm clueless. Advertiser Disclosure. Earn 5X points on Lyft rides through March So, "theoretically" this allows a person to live on one's earnings. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Sandemans New Europe tours , which pioneered the idea back in , now runs its "famous free tours" in 18 cities — although it has come under scrutiny for its approach , which requires self-employed guides to pay a set fee per tourist, regardless of how much, or little, people tip. How do i get from the airport into town? What parts of Havana should I visit? Iberostar Parque Central. As you can see in the pattern, tipping is somehow related to the total amount free walking tours how much to tip