fresh prince of bel air stream free

fresh prince of bel air stream free

This story has been shared 6, times. This story has been shared 5, times. February 20th, Will and Lisa get relationship counseling and Hillary wants Geoffrey to come along with her to her new home. Episode 16 - A Decent Proposal. February 13th, After getting shot, Will proposes marriage to Lisa, but she says no. Episode 15 - Bullets Over Bel-Air. February 6th, Will takes a bullet for Carlton when a robber shoots at them in an attempt to rob them.

Episode 14 - It's a Wonderful Lie. January 23rd, Will and Lisa each lie about their evening plans, then wind up at the same party -- where Ashley is found in the coat room with a football player.

Episode 13 - Three's a Crowd. January 9th, Will and Carlton's ski trip is interrupted by Lisa. Episode 12 - Same Game, Next Season. December 12th, Will tries to make a good impression on Fred, Lisa's father, but regrets it later. Episode 11 - Will Steps Out. November 28th, Will is on a date with a girl, and realizes he loves Lisa.

Episode 10 - Will's Up a Dirt Road. November 21st, Will tries his hand at journalism to impress Lisa, but his efforts get him sued by Jay Leno. Episode 9 - Love Hurts. November 14th, A guy tries to flirt with Lisa, and when he punches Will, Lisa comes to his defense. Episode 8 - Sooooooooul Train. November 7th, Vivian recalls Phillip's marriage proposal and Carlton and Will are in a dance contest. Episode 7 - Father Knows Best. October 24th, Ashley changes from private to public school and Will must stop Uncle Phil from finding out.

Episode 6 - Will's Misery. October 17th, Geoffrey gets injured while working, and may turn to legal actions to settle it, and a sorority recruit may make Will pay. Episode 5 - Fresh Prince: The Movie. October 10th, Will tells a story about being put into a witness-protection program in Alabama, where he is planned to get married to a chubby girl, who is a little crazy.

Episode 4 - Grumpy Young Men. October 3rd, According to Will, Carlton stole his date on a double date and gets angry at Carlton. Episode 3 - Reality Bites. September 26th, Will knocks out Dougie, a kiddie hero who is Nicky's idol. Episode 2 - The Client 2.

September 19th, Phil doesn't exactly agree with Ashley's career as a singer. September 19th, Ashley becomes a popular singer. Her manager is none other than Will. Episode 0 - Stress. Season 4 26 full episodes. Season 3 24 full episodes. Season 2 24 full episodes. Season 1 25 full episodes. Is a 'Fresh Prince' Revival Possible?

New Episodes On Tonight. Family Matters. The Cosby Show. Also on. Money Heist. Rick And Morty. Most recommended streaming services. The show stars Will "The Fresh Prince" Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in their Bel Air mansion after getting into a fight in his hometown. In the series, his lifestyle often clashes with the lifestyle of his relatives in Bel Air. The series ran for six seasons and aired episodes.

Season 1. Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2. When Will's mom visits for Thanksgiving, she fears he's not being taught the value of work and turns the household upside down to fix the situation. Upon learning that Hilary has dropped out of school without telling her parents, Will and Carlton use the information to make her do their bidding. Will gets into trouble during his first day at Bel-Air Academy prep school.

To get Ashley into the Christmas spirit, Will decorates the exterior of the Banks residence garishly, which only upsets the neighbors. Philip risks losing a big account when he advises a superstitious client to stop letting Will influence business decisions with his impromptu remarks.

After Will complains that no black history is taught in his school, he gets a surprise when Vivian takes on the job temporarily. While recovering from a cold, Philip's mother pays a visit.

Her son wants her to rest, but she sneaks out to a rap concert with Will instead. As a favor, Will goes out with Jazz's beautiful sister, who turns out to be extremely bossy.

To prove he's responsible so he can take the family car to a concert in Nevada, Will escorts a British lord's seemingly sedate daughter to the opera. When one of Vivian's brightest college students begins dating Will, her grades slide, threatening her scholarship.

When Will gets hustled in a pool hall and almost loses the family Mercedes, he has to ask Uncle Philip for help. Determined to prove he's just as "black" as his cousin, Carlton accepts Will's challenge to survive two days in a tough Los Angeles neighborhood. Will and Carlton spy on Ashley when she goes on her first date with a famous young rapper named Little T. To keep her new job as personal assistant to a movie star, Hilary must accept a date with Will's best friend, Jazz.

This season, Will Smith settles into the high life of Beverly Hills, which starts to feel more like home than ever. When an earthquake strikes, strange things start to happen to relationships in Will's family. An all-out war breaks out between Ashley's parents, Philip and Vivian, and the parents of a little girl who has been harassing her. Feeling that the Bel-Air lifestyle is making him lazy, Will gets a job so that he can start paying his own way. When Will outscores Carlton on an intelligence test, Carlton is so desperate to prove his superiority that he gets caught cheating on a history exam.

Philip's widowed mother arrives in Bel-Air to spend time with the family, but finds herself spending even more time with the local handyman. The Banks household is ready for the wedding of Aunt Janice, but completely unprepared to meet the groom. When Vivian celebrates her 40th birthday, she becomes obsessed with achieving her lifelong dream of being a professional dancer. Will meets a girl he really likes, but he's afraid to take her out in public, fearing his friends will tease him because she is overweight.

When Will is involved in a car accident with Hilary's new boyfriend, Philip is forced to defend his underage and uninsured nephew in court. Will and Carlton suspect that the Banks' heirloom silverware has been stolen by one of their neighbors: glamorous movie star Sonya Lamor. With all of the adults away for the weekend, Will and the Banks children rent the house out to a production company shooting a music video. When the entire Banks clan spends Christmas at a ski lodge, Will mistakenly allows a robber into the family's cabin on Christmas Eve.

When the lies on Hilary's job resume earn her the opportunity to cater a fancy party, she begs Will and her family to rescue her from disaster. Will is confident he'll earn a college basketball scholarship until he learns the truth about his closest competitor. When Geoffrey discovers that his new love is a wealthy heiress and not a domestic servant, he can't ignore the gulf between their social positions. Because of her many traffic violations, Hilary is ordered to work for a few days at a free medical clinic, where she falls in love with the doctor.

While in the hospital for a tonsillectomy, Will learns to look at life a little differently from his roommate, a wisecracking senior citizen. When Will appears on a game show and picks Carlton to be his teammate, Will's not-so-brilliant friends Tyriq and Jazz appear as the opposing team. When radical activist Marge visits old friends Philip and Vivian, her stories about the civil rights movement inspire Will to lead a student protest. Will becomes childishly jealous when his mother arrives for a visit with a man who could easily become Will's new stepfather.

Will and Carlton's plan of having the house to themselves with two sexy French girls is spoiled with the unexpected visit of Will's Aunt Helen. When Ashley begins to feel a new sexual attraction for the guy she likes, she turns to Will for advice.

Desperate to raise some money, Will and Carlton perform as male strippers at a party, not knowing that Vivian and Hilary are in the audience. When Will refuses to cut his hair and dress more conservatively, Philip makes him leave the Banks home. When the Banks family returns to their former neighborhood to help old friends after a destructive citywide riot, Vivian reveals a surprise to Philip.

Will is furious when Ashley transforms herself from an innocent adolescent to a sexy girl to attract boys. Hilary looks for her own apartment. When Will takes Hilary to a local television studio, the lecherous producer hires Hilary as his new "weather person. The Banks family is shocked when Carlton's former girlfriend, Cindy, presents her newborn baby, Carlton Jr.

While Philip entertains the rude Judge Robertson, Will accepts expensive gifts from a rich classmate who wants to buy his affection.

When Philip takes Carlton and Will on a camping trip, the inexperienced trio gets trapped in a mountain cave during a snowstorm.

When the Banks family members appear as guests on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," their personal bickering causes an uproar in the studio. A senile and incompetent judge slanders Philip to beat him in an election. But when he dies during his victory party, Philip must give the eulogy.

When Will is invited to a basketball game with a pregnant sportswriter, he becomes trapped with her in a crowded parking lot as she goes into labor. When Vivian quarantines Will and Carlton in the pool house after both are stricken with contagious colds, they spend the night arguing over a girl. Will tries to tell his mother that he doesn't want to return to Philadelphia with her after his high school graduation. Geoffrey humiliates himself by insulting the Banks family and quitting his job when Will and Carlton trick him into thinking he has won the lottery.

After Will convinces Philip to hire a former convict as the family's new handyman, valuable items begin to disappear. Each member of the Banks family fantasizes about what life will be like once Vivian gives birth to the new baby. When Monique refuses to have sex until she's married, Will stages a mock wedding ceremony with Jazz as the preacher.

Depressed over having ruined his chances of attending Princeton University, Carlton is visited by his guardian angel. During their high school prom, Will accidentally gives Carlton an overdose of an illegal drug.

When Vivian finally goes into labor, no one is home to drive her to the hospital. On their way to visit the University of Nevada, Will, Carlton and Jazz get involved with gamblers and tough guys at a desert casino. Will competes with his friend Keith, a struggling stand-up comic, at a comedy club showcase. As Philip and Vivian prepare to renew their marriage vows for their 25th anniversary, the children reminisce about the fun they've shared in the past.

To graduate, Will must pass a music appreciation class with several precocious young children as his classmates. Will Smith and his upper-crust California relatives return for more fun and laughter.

This season, Will and his prissy cousin Carlton head to college. Will and Carlton begin their first year of college by moving into their own apartment, while Philip and Vivian enjoy their newborn son. Hilary learns that Trevor plans to propose to her during an elaborate stunt on his TV news show. Will discovers a professor who is the most stimulating teacher he's ever known. Will tries to impress a beautiful college girl by pretending his new infant cousin is his own son.

An opportunity for Carlton to lose his virginity presents itself. Will refuses to pay his rent to Philip unless Philip repairs the air conditioner in Will's guest house. They take it to court. A spiritualist gets so annoyed with Will's skepticism that he curses the family with a hex that brings them all bad luck. Will and Carlton are given humiliating tasks as part of their initiation into a college fraternity.

After struggling to lose weight, Philip has a serious heart attack while eating a cheeseburger that he bribes Will to buy for him. When one of Will's college professors gets depressed over his recent divorce, Will introduces him to Hilary.

Will gets drunk with Jackie's boyfriend and is trapped in a mausoleum with four philosophical ghosts. When Will and Carlton try to cram the night before an exam, the Banks family serves up a few late-night distractions.

When Carlton becomes the new manager of the campus restaurant, Will refuses to work as his employee. Carlton, the mascot of his university's football team, is abducted by the students from a rival college. Will's love affair with a superstar singer is threatened when she meets her handsome former lover.

ComedySitcom. No Free Trial. Highest quality. Sling TV. High quality. Microsoft Store. Medium quality. Itunes Store. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to US users. Most recommended streaming services. The show stars Will "The Fresh Prince" Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent fresh prince of bel air stream free move in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in their Bel Air mansion after getting into a fight in his hometown. In the series, his lifestyle often clashes final fantasy 7 pc download free the lifestyle of his relatives in Bel Air. The series ran for six seasons and aired episodes. Season 1. Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season fresh prince of bel air stream free Season 2. Similar shows. Living Single. In Living Color. fresh prince of bel air stream free Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. streaming The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Find where to watch online! Watch all you want for free. TRY 30 Watch The Fresh Prince Project. Episode 1 of Season 1. 1. The Fresh Prince Project. 22m. When Will moves from the streets of West Philadelphia to ritzy Bel-Air with his rich relatives, everyone makes big. Start your 7-day free trial to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on fuboTV. Stream live and on-demand with your phone, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and. Free trial is for new customers only. Restrictions apply. Will's mom sends him away from his rough Philadelphia neighborhood to live with wealthy Uncle Phil. Find out where The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is streaming, if The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on Netflix, and get news and Is There an HBO Max Free Trial? Will moves from the tough streets of West Philly to posh Bel-Air to live with his Uncle Philip, Aunt Vivian, his Buy Episode 1 Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a television classic that shot the beloved Will Smith into stardom. Books With Free. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is available to stream on HBO MAX. You can also rent or buy it. See where to Not available to watch free online. plus minus icon. Watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 1 full episodes. The complete guide Choose The Perfect Streaming Source. FandangoNOW No Free Trial. $ /. Instantly find any The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air full episode available from all 11 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Start your free trial now Arrow. Will's love affair with a superstar singer is threatened when she meets her handsome former lover. Itunes Store. Love Hurts 23m. Alfonso Ribeiro. I Love You.. Most popular fonts. A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting. Thank you for reporting an issue with this Video. Rated: 6. Enter VIP Email:. Will Goes a Courtin' 22m. Contact us. Feeling unfulfilled despite her national television debut, Hilary decides that she wants to have a baby. All the Fonts you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. Please don't use this for support questions. fresh prince of bel air stream free