fundamentals of english grammar pdf free download

fundamentals of english grammar pdf free download

Faster previews. Personalized experience. Get started with a FREE account. See Chart for more information about quotations. Her two sisters, she discovered, be very unhappy. The handsome husband ignore his wife and talk, not to her.

The wealthy husband make fun of his wife and give her orders all the time. But Tina and her frog prince live happily ever after. Each student should write one paragraph of three to five sentences at a time. One student begins the story. Then he or she passes the paper on to another student, who will then write a paragraph and pass the paper on-until everyone in the class has had a chance to write a paragraph. Use the story suggestions in Practice 23 above or make up your own story beginning.

Jack goes shopping On Saturdays. Elaine and I had a light lunch noon, and then we played tennis the afternoon. A: Hi, John. It's good to see you again. When I saw you December, you were working at the department store. Are you still working there? I quit January 1st.

I left my friends midnight. A: No more questions for this witness, Your Honor. A: Are you familiar the new musical play downtown? B: I'm told it's very good. We're going to see it the summer. A: What do you do Sunday afternoons? B: I go to the amusement park with my family almost every Sunday. A: Oh. Isn't the park full people Sundays? I hate crowds. B: It's not so bad the early afternoon. It gets worse later in the day. My son was afraid dogs the past, but now he's asking me to get him one.

Chapters 1,2, and 3 Directions: Complete the sentences with the given verbs. Use: a. Joe arrives on time every day. Joe arrived on time yesterday. Joe k going to arrive on time tomorrow. OR: Joe will arrive on time tomorrow. Joe on time every day? Did Joe arrive on time yesterday? Joe on time tomorrow? OR: Joe on time tomorrow? Mike on time every day b. Mike on time yesterday. Mike isn't going to fie on time tomorrow. OR: Mike on time tomorrow.

Ann breakfast every day. Ann breakfast yesterday. Ann breakfast tomorrow. OR: Ann breakfast tomorrow. YOU breakfast every day? YOU breakfast yesterday? YOU breakfast tomorrow? OR: - YOU breakfast tomorrow? I breakfast every,day. I breakfast yesterday. I breakfast tomorrow. A: Yes, I. A: What you, do are you goinq to do this afternoon?

B: I finish am qoing to finish my report. A: Where Ryan, be later tonight? B: He be at Kim's house. A: you, have a hamburger for lunch? B: I eat, not lunch. I don't have enough time. A: you, jinish this exercise soon? B: I finish it in less than a minute. Use your own ideas. Notice the various time expressions that are used to indicate future time.

Example: youltoday? Response: Are you going to eat lunch at McDonald's today? The clouds are leaving, and the sun is coming out. It pro6a6ly won't rain anymore. The weather is cold today. There's no reason to expect the weather to change. It will pro6a6ly be cold tomorrow, too. Sam, Sharon, and Carl worked hard on this project. They turn in the best work. The other students didn't work as hard. Ronald is having a very difficult time in advanced algebra.

He didn't understand anything that happened in class today, and he understand tomorrow's class either. Jan skipped lunch today. She eat as soon as she gets home. Use the negative if you wish.

Example: peoplelgo to work only four days a week. What other predictions can you make about the twenty-first century? B: No, but I buy an apple for you. How does that sound? A: Okay, I guess. It's formal, isn't it?

I wear a floor-length gown. A: Maybe I should wear my red gown with the big sleeves. But I think it needs cleaning. B: I take it to the cleaner's for you when I go downtown this afternoon if you'd like. A: Gee, thanks. That'll save me a trip. Sometimes, however, they are NOT interchangeable.

In this exercise, only one of them is correct, not both. See Chart But you have to promise not to read it. Chart 3 4 Directions: Combine the two sentences in any order, using the time expression in parentheses. Underline the time clause in the sentence you write. Pay special attention to the verb tense you use in the time clause.

I'll call Mike tomorrow. I'll tell him the good news. OR: 11 tell Mike the good news when I call him tomowow.

Ann will lock all the doors. She will go to bed. I'm going to be in London for two days. I'm going to visit the Tate Museum. The show will start. The curtain will go up. Nick is going to change the oil in his car. He's going to take a bath.

We'll call you. We'll drive over to pick you up. I'll call you. I'll get an answer from the bank about the loan. I'll get my paycheck. I'll pay my rent. Chart Directions: Use the given verbs to complete the sentences. I 'fl read the textbook before I take the final exam. Lee his wife as soon as he to the hotel tonight. Someone else will have to let them in. If she late, dinner , late.

Paul dropped the paint and spill it all over the ground. Next weekend, Nick is going to meet his friends downtown and go to a soccer game. Anna moves into her apartment on Sunday and start her new job on Monday. My pen slipped out of my hand and fall to the floor. I'm getting up early tomorrow morning and I walk to work. Next month, I take my vacation and forget about everything that is connected to my job.

Kathy thinks I was the cause of her problems, but I wasn't. Someday she discover the truth and apologize to me. Yesterday I see the man who stole the radio from my car last Friday. I run after him, catch him, and knock him down. A passerby go to call the police. I sit on the man while I w a i t for them to come. After they get there and understand the situation, they put handcuffs on him and take him to jail.

While I'm reading the paper, my teenage daughter downstairs. We about her plans for the day. I her with her breakfast and a lunch for her to take to school. After we goodbye, I some fruit and cereal and reading the morning paper.

My office in my home. My office a desk, a computer, a radio, a TV set, a copy machine, and a lot of bookshelves. I all morning. While I'm working, the phone many times. I to many people. At , I to the kitchen and a sandwich for lunch. As I said, tomorrow morning an ordinary morning. Peterson, when I go for my appointment next Friday.

A: Do we have a test in English class tomorrow? B: No. Don'ryou remember? We're going to have a guest lecturer. A: Really? Are you sure we don't have a test? B: A professor from the Department of Environmental Sciences to our class tomorrow morning. A: Great. That sounds interesting. And it sure beats having a test.

A: Why are you looking for your passport? B: I need it because I'm leaving for Taipei next Monday. A: Oh? How long will you be away? B: A week. I the first few days with my brother, who is going to school there. After that I some old friends I went to school with in Australia several years ago. They've invited me to be their house guest. A: Sounds like a great trip. Hope you find your passport.

Chart Directions: Look at Fred's calendar. He on Monday. He on Tuesday. He probably on Wednesday. He on Thursday. He on Friday.

He on Saturday. Chart Directions: Make a calendar of your plans for the coming week. I on Sunday. I on Monday. I on Tuesday. I on Wednesday. I - on Thursday.

I - on Friday. A: The coffee shop at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. I'll meet you there at 7: B: Okay. I'll be there. A: What time are you going to go to the airport tonight? B: Tom's plane around , but I think I'll go a little early in case it gets in ahead of schedule.

A: What time should we go to the theater tonight? B: Around The movie at 8:OO. A: What time it? B: It's a two-hour movie. It at OO. A: What time the dry cleaning shop tonight? If I don't get there in time, 1'11 have nothing to wear to the banquet tonight. B: It at 6:OO. I can pick up your dry cleaning for you. A: Hey, thanks! That'll really help! Chapters 1 , 2 and 3 Directions: Complete the sentences with a form of the verb in parentheses.

I am sending a text message now. Simple Present. Present Progressive. Babies cry. Birds fly. The simple present expresses general. In general, the simple present is used for events or situations that exist always, usually, or habitually in the. They are crying. It isn't snowing right now. Is the teacher speaking right now? The event is in progress at the time the speaker is saying the sentence. The event began in the past, is in progress now, and will probably continue into the f u t u r e.

Present Time. I you , we , they he. I'm working. You ' re , We ' re , They ' re working. She does n't work. I don ' t work. Track 3. Exercise 5. Charts 1- 1 and Listen to the passage on the next page. Discuss the verbs in italics. Is the activity of the verb a usual actiyity or happening right now an activity in progress? Lunch at the Fire Station. It's , and the firefighters are waiti.

They are taking their lunch. Ben, Rita, and Jada are sitting at a table in the fire station. Their co-worker Bruno.

He is an excellent cook. He often makes lunch. He is fixing spicy. Their captain isn't eati. He is doing paperwork. He skips lunch on busy. He works in his office and finishes his paperwork. Listen to the statements about Irene and her job. Decide if the activity of each verb is a usual activity or happening right now. Choose the correct answer. Irene works for a video game company. T ra d 4 Example: You will hear:. Looking at grammar. Complete the sentences. Use the simple present or the present progressive form of the verbs in parentheses.

Right now I'm in class. I sit. The baby sleep. I usually sit. Ali speak Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right. Look out the window. B: It start. A: Look. B: Where? A : Oscar usually walk.

B: Yes. B: Sometimes. Exercise 8. Let's talk. Your teacher will ask one student to perform an action and another student to describe it using the present progressive. Example: stand next to your desk. A: Wo uld. Student A stands up. OR What is Student A doing? Exercise 9.

Listen to the questions. Write the words you hear. Track 5. A problem with the printer. Example: You will hear: Is the printer working? You will write:. Is it my imagination or. Exercise Game: trivia. Work in small groups. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

Then circle "T" for true or "F" for false. The group with the most correct answers wins. In one soccer average. In one soccer game, players run average.

Right-handed people live left-handed people. T h e Eiffel Tower have 3, steps. Honey spoil. About , people in die world die.

O Exercise Work with a partner. Take turns describing your pictures to each other and finding the differences. Use the present progressive. Partner A: Cover Partner B's pictures in your book. Partner B: Cover Partner A's pictures in your book. Partner A. Partner B. Let's read and write. Read the paragraph and answer the questions. Hair Facts. Here are some interesting facts about our hair. Human hair grows about one-half inch per month or 15 centimeters a year. Jul 17 Kenyon in Your Kitchen pm — pm Kenyon alumni working in food and drink industries are sharing their go-to happy hour pairings.

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