game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free

game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free

But Bran came back as the three-eyed raven and recounted the night Sansa was raped by Ramsay. It quickly turned a heartwarming scene into an uncomfortable one, and it showed just how much Bran has changed since their last encounter. Hopefully, the expected reunion between Sansa and Arya is much happier.

Sign up for a free Hulu trial to watch Game of Thrones. But first, warm up by watching this preview of the episode. Like this: Like Loading I am somewhat ashamed to admit it but the fight between Arya and Brienne made me laugh. Plus, Needle is so thin it should have shattered after the first blade-on-blade impact. Bran has your number and Ayra has you in her sights..

Dany and Jon in the cave… O M G the feels.. As an old-school Evil Dead fan, that just warmed my heart. The Arya bits, especially the sparring with Brienne, were my favorite of this entire wonderful episode!!! That was definitely worth not waiting for HBO GO to stop being overloaded usually takes till 5 am next day.

Arya vs Brienne was classic. Battle: Much fire much blood. But where were viserion and rhaegol? Not that they were needed… Need to watch again with an HD signal. I could barely breathe watching that battle. It was spellbinding, majestic, and horrifying all at once. Many people.

But never like this. More than any other scene in the show, this sequence gave me a real sense of what it would be like to be a soldier on the ground, facing off against a nigh-unstoppable, fire-breathing monster — namely, terrifying. That shot of Jaime screaming at his men to take cover as Drogon swoops in, and then he looks over … and his men have been reduced to columns of ash, blowing away in the wind! That long shot of Drogon flying by, torching wagons and soldiers alike!

And Jaime charging Daenerys and Drogon in a desperate attempt to kill the dragon queen and end the war as Tyrion watches his brother and his liege from a distance, begging him to flee?! Instantly iconic. And Bronn! The man wounded a dragon, and saved Jaime from a fiery death. Give him whatever damn castle he wants! That was one of the best, if not the best, action scenes that has ever been shown on television and far better than most movies.

One of the best episodes of the entire series. Absolutely Top Maybe Top 5. Possibly higher. I need to calm down a bit first. And that sparring match! From first shot to last, this is some incredibly amazing intelligent television. Actually, size is not the deciding factor in these types of fights. That was very realistic fight.

Loved everything about that battle and the whole episode, really. But thought the possible link was worth mentioning. I am still in awe, I had to take my dog out to pee and just walked around my yard in circles thinking of that episode. As we all know, Game of Thrones is a great series but never in my life have I experienced such high intensity excitement and emotions watching this show.

When Game of Thrones has a money episode, it hits me like no other TV show ever has by at least 10 times the emotion. This was a top 10 episode for sure, this battle scene will be viewed on YouTube over and over millions and millions of times.

Even without the battle scene this was a good episode but the epic scale of that battle with the edge of your seat emotional excitement it brought, still has me shaking! Special effects better than most movies these days. Awesome episode easily in the top 5. Not one wasted moment. Dee Stark : Clob ,. Drogon burned the heck out of the crossbow thing.. THEN swiped his paws through it.. I just finished replaying Arya and Brienne about 20 times.

And Ioved Sansa looking on with a mixture of pride and …. And Arya sure did look fabulous in her new warrior princess outfit. After six years of grubby boys clothes and Fsceless Men nightgowns! Lannister battle was cool too. Thought for sure Bronn was toast. Randyll Tarly said all the gold was inside the gates though…I was really hoping it would all get blasted and Cersei would get screwed by the Iron Bank….

I love the dance between them two. So beautifully filmed. Ginevra : So who threw Jaime off his horse? He will be hanging out with Tyrion now, right? What an amazing episode. I think I have said that after every episode this season. It is easy to see why the show only has 9 more episodes left.

Events are going faster, characters are grouping together. It is all glorious. Jaime, Bronn, Arya, Sansa and Davos were just awesome this episode. It was such a big sister thing to do. And then her frustration at realizing that her family is not really her family anymore. Chuck : The writers of course want us to believe LF will create some havoc and pit the siblings against each other, but I think they most likely Arya will kill him.

Wonderful , truly wonderful , but how did Dany know where to go with Drogon and her Dothraki to fight Jaime and hes Lannister Soldiers? Just a thought…. Dany stepped down on the mainland of Westeros for the first time, and within a minute somebody tried to kill her. Drogon was awesome. The infantry battle was a little lackluster, but everything involving Drogon more than made up for it.

Is this really going to go on until the finale? The least they could do in all of this boredom is to give us some cool flashbacks from Bran about Ashara Dayne or Rhaegar.

Nothing so far. Highlight of this episode: no Euron. The cheese meter dropped significantly with him out of sight. Pigeon , Ha ha ha! I know… I cannot even defend myself against the accusation because it is quite true. It is just that the scene looked like pure wish fulfillment to me. There are many perfectly believable ways in which Arya could have defeated Brienne using the techniques she actually learnt with the Faceless Men yet the writers went for a trope I find endlessly laughable : the physics-defying pint-sized powerhouse.

If the basic laws of the universe do not apply to Arya, why should they apply to Brienne? The Maid of Tarth should be allowed to fly to even the odds! What an episode! So many highlights for me:.

Sam : Hihi! I love that 12? What a firecracker she is! Meera deserved better, although I know Bran was simply being truthful. I think any of of would shut down emotionally if we learned every painful detail there was.

I wish I could help you. Was it just me or did Bronn running through the fiery field and Jamie charging Daeny remind anyone else of Jon during the BotB? Lol, the suspension of belief is my ally in these situations…and it just occurred to me that Littlefinger would have noticed that Arya has the catspaw dagger! Did anybody notice that Arya was standing just like Syrio Forel when she was fighting Brianna?

It is the small details like this that make the show awesome. Clicking the settings wheel at the bottom right to set the speed to 0. So sad. That was amazing! And every character I care about except Sandor—sob! This episode is in my series top 5. I think HBO should attach a health warning, though. For kicks, the spouse and I took our blood pressure. Then Bran he hugged her a bit! Then proving herself against Brienne. And the dagger. I could write a speculative essay about that dagger.

Speaking of daggers, her eyes shot sharp ones at Littlefinger. And those two guards were callback to the Gold Cloaks stopping her from re-entering the Red Keep in S1. And poor Meera. Plot highlight —the interaction between Jon and Dany, the Caves themselves, Dany offering Jon conditional support,Theon nearly being throttled and wanting to rescue Yara,, Dany asserting her inner dragon.

Though props to Jaime for charging Dany and Drogon. And to Tyrion, for caring so much about his brother. Question 1 —How much of the Gold Train got through? It seems very little, but can Cersei proceed without satisfying the Iron Bank? Question 2 —Those Lannister soldiers Arya met in Episode 1 helped make me care more about the incinerated soldiers. How much of the Lannister army is left? I noticed you staring at her good heart.

How in the devil can he be happy at that? What is that creepo up to? Dee Stark : Daenyrus was epic in this episode Everything!!!!!!! Ten Bears : Dee Stark ,. Thank you! I usually post my thoughts on the Sullied review. Sometimes in the forums, bow, if they get too long. Cersei is going to be a wildly tough enemy. I think that he did it because he thought he might be able to kill Daenerys, even if it meant that he would have died himself immediately afterward. My guess is that he assumed however bad Cersei was, another Aerys would be worse.

And if so was time left in the show to get them together. Guess that debate is over now. The Bastard : Just a thought…. Jared : And Bronn! When the fighting got tough and especially when Bronn lost his purse and shit hit the fan, I really expected all of those sellsword quotes to come true and for Bronn to turn tail and run. But he stayed loyal!!! Loyal to the wrong side, but loyal nonetheless.

Whatever their sires or their grandsires might have been back in Westeros before their exile, the men of the Golden Company were sellswords now, and no sellsword could be trusted. So do body volume, mass as well as muscular density and cross-sectional area. As far as I can tell, Arya looks about 5 feet tall and weighs no more than 50 kg. Considering the Maid of Tarth has been handling and training with heavy weaponry for all her life, her upper body strength is bound to be far superior to that of a year-old who has only been practicing intensely for a couple of years.

I am sorry for being redundant for I believe I had mentioned it in a past thread but there is a reason why all competitive martial arts have weight classes and it has nothing to do with the lighter fighters being less talented than their heavier counterparts. It is simply due to kinetic energy. A featherweight, no matter how remarkable, cannot generate as much of it as a heavyweight…. I think he did not. It would have been shown if he did bend the knee.

Oh Dany, you made him think for a sec he got you! Why is Littlefinger taking up precious minutes of the final act of this series. I like the actor and character, but why drag out his departure from the show? Everything was great! Amazing episode! Just one thing though.. Jared : Dee Stark ,. Have some milk of the poppy! Loved this episode. I now have a crazy theory about the catspaw dagger, but not sure if I can share in this forum.

So many thoughts…and it was too short. Time to re-watch. I think Cersei just got word that it was coming…. The original Stargaryen : I totally had the feeling Miss Sunday will betray Danny from that conversation. That bit of exposition about her seemed a little out of left field in a short ep to be incidental. Good catch. So glad you guys liked it.

Jon is meeting his cousin apparently. Maybe next week, but at least he got a bit of heroic redemption first, and he might even get in another quip or two. Am I the only one who was desperately rooting for Bron to succeed in stopping Drogon? Not that I wanted Dany to fall off and die, but that was no fair fight. Having dragons is like having nukes. MVP for this episode: Davos, again. Jaime redeemed himself on the battlefield.

He held his own. But did Dany burn all the food wagons when she had just been worrying how to feed her army? Chuck : Ginevra ,. I think we have to consider that Jaime might be dead. Arya home at Winterfell, sparring with Brienne like Syrio and being a leveled up ninja. Seeing the three of them together talking beside the Heart tree? I had chills. Bran only time he showed emotion. You scared now Baelish? And who were you sending a letter to? He was too nice. Is she not from Naath? Davos was the best.

I love it. I love how he is with Jon. Also was I the only one that wanted to spend a lot more time in that cave with Jon Snow? He knows things now. I wanted Drogon to live, I wanted Bronn and Jaime to live. I was even iffy about Dickon of all people. Not Randyll. I felt as conflicted as Tyrion looked.

In a good way. Lady of Winterfell is absolutely my favorite version of Sansa. Also so sad Meera is gone so abruptly-and so painfully. Yes — did you see, while the soldiers were waiting in formation, one in the second row, visibly shaken.

Terrifying indeed. Wondered if the soldiers that Arya met were in that battle. This whole episode what so over the top amazing — Im gonna stay up a few hours and watch it again. What is going on with the acting?

Every actor is so robotic and emotionless. There is zero chemistry between Jon and Daenerys. Tyrion watches Jaime charge a dragon and emotionlessly utters an expletive. All the Stark kids are creepily robotic. Even the reunion scenes were wooden. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6.

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Everyone has this question on their mind that how to watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 online? Game of Thrones Season game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free Episode 4 is 6 days away but we can game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free ready to watch it now. HBO Now offers a one-month free trial. You can cancel at the end of your trial to avoid charges but you get one free month. You must enter payment information to establish the account, but if you cancel before the end of the free trial you will not be free weight loss apps for iphone. Sign in with the email and password you used to establish your account and start watching. You can watch live or on demand. You can sign up on Hulu for a free day trial. Then you can add HBO to your Hulu subscription for free for one month. Sign up for a free Hulu trial to watch Game of Thrones. But first, warm up by watching this preview of the episode. Like this: Like Loading Next A Song of Ice and Fire. About The Author. Related Posts. game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free Daenerys and the Unsullied prepare for a huge battle at Casterly Rock, while Arya returns to Winterfell. Here's how to watch Game of Thrones. Watch Game of Thrones® episodes instantly. Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Online Full Episodes Game of Thrones Season 7. If Prime Video is your primary streaming service, this is a no-brainer. Option #2: Similar to Amazon, Hulu gives all of its subscribers the ability to. Love and want to watch the season 7 of game of thrones again? You're just a click away from streaming game of thrones season 7 on your device for free with the links we're providing. Download Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4.​s07efree-download-watch-online-the-spoils-of-war. 10 Answers. Sam Rand, tech. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Full Free Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen's Justice Watch Movies and TV Series Stream Online. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 is 6 days away but we can get ready to through the app on this extensive list of streaming devices, or on your of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 online ' The Spoils of War' for free now. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 – The Spoils of War – Episode Chat We realize episode 4 has leaked early- you're free to discuss it to your I've seen a few articles online lately about the show being rushed or the. EN English. Watch Now. Every Amazon membership comes with a full free day trial! Genre: Documentary. In King's Landing, Cersei Lannister has finally seized the power that she has craved for many years. Log into your account. Related Posts. Learn More. Eps 73 House of Cards House of Cards. SEE IT! How to stream MMA online May 12, Billed as a meeting of the minds, writers David Benioff and D. Sorry for the inconvinience it may cause. game of thrones season 7 episode 4 stream online free